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In relation to recent media reporting on Mr. Abu Nahl and Nest Group of companies, please see below company statement:




Criminal allegations brought in Lebanon against Nest Group Chairman and CEO which includes Trust Group, Mr Ghazi Abu Nahl, and his senior leadership are unfounded and untrue. They are made in retaliation to legitimate legal claims brought in international courts by Mr Abu Nahl against individuals who were Executives of a Lebanese bank found by the US authorities to be involved in money laundering and drug trafficking. These allegations are used by our accusers to abuse and manipulate the Lebanese judicial procedures, which is an insult to the legal system. They are only designed to put pressure on Mr Abu Nahl to drop the claims. We will use our right of defence before the Lebanese Courts to put an end to abuse and  manipulation of the legal system that unlawfully targets our reputation and interests.


A recent attempt by our accusers to engage Interpol was rejected by Interpol Lyon due to the personal nature of the accusations.


The Group headquarters has been in Cyprus since 1990, and Mr Abu Nahl and his family are Cypriot Nationals. The ridiculous allegations that they are hiding in Cyprus are completely false.


Our group, which operates in 23 countries, adheres to highest level of corporate governance, rules and regulations. These false allegations will not deter our pursuit of justice and we are looking forward to further support our claims heard by the Lebanese and international courts.


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