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In 1989, Group Chairman and founder Ghazi Abu Nahl acquired Nest Investments (Holdings) Ltd in Jersey, the ultimate holding company of his enterprises, which rapidly grew to be a leading general insurance provider in the Afro Asia region.  He also acquired Trust International, a re-insurance service company established in Bahrain to serve the entire region offering other insurance companies and major corporations bespoke re-insurance products.

Headquartered in Limassol, Republic of Cyprus, Nest Investments (Holdings) Limited is the ultimate shareholding company of all the business assets of the Group. This includes substantial or majority shareholding interests in excess of $1.2 billion in many Direct Insurance, Re-insurance, Licensed Operations such as World Trade Center, Property Development, Asset Management, and Building Materials Manufacture in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East / Gulf Region, the Far East and Australia.

Our Vision

“To Be The Best In Everything We Do”

Our ambition is such that we will always endeavour to improve our products, services, processes, client relations, employee conditions, the climate we operate within and ultimately our profitability.  Our self-improvement journey is never ending and it motivates the actions of everyone from the Group Chairman / Founder to the newest recruits in the Group.

Our Mission

• Create business units that focus on specific core businesses managed and staffed by highly skilled specialist people who share our vision.

• Develop products and services around strong brand names associated with service excellence, reliability and cost effectiveness.

• Consolidate and grow the Group in a steady and sustainable manner around existing business sectors, as well as venturing in to new business sectors whenever opportunities present themselves.

Group Values

As a family-owned business, our values are an amalgam of old-fashioned traditional family values and modern responsible corporate principles.

• Openness: Act according to the highest standards of honesty and integrity; express thoughts and views in a positive and constructive way for the greater good of all;

• Justice: Treat everyone fairly without prejudice along the lines of sex, nationality, race or religion.  Extend everyone appropriate respect and afford them the human dignity they are entitled to;

• Compliance: Respect the spirit and letter of the laws of the countries we operate within.  Respect all copyright and intellectual property of others and protect our own through legal means;

• Team Spirit: Work for the “greater good” of the group and value honesty, reward hard work and achievement through appropriate recognition schemes.  Encourage people to share their knowledge and recognise team work above individual achievements;

• Accountability: Encourage people to assume own responsibilities and take risks within well-defined boundaries.  Identify the causes of under performance and bring the necessary corrective measures such as training, mentoring or change of responsibility;

• Our People: Carefully select the people we wish to work for us, or with us, on the basis of their ability to demonstrate their shared values with us, as well as their professional competence.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Nest Investments (Holdings) Limited set out a CSR Framework based on the following three elements:

• Creating a Nest Trust Fund aimed at helping social and academic philanthropic causes in the regions where we have commercial activities;

• Environmental awareness through company policies such as reduction of air travel by adopting such alternatives as video conferencing, landscaping & tree planting of Group owned estates, and many other;

• Encouragement of individual operating companies to adopt CSR initiatives aimed at their respective communities.   


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